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I use to love going to parties. Now I see it as pitiful. Why drink? it only makes you stupid and act retarded. 

Why do we need others?

When I was in High School my life was a routine. I would wake-up, attend class, went home, finished homework, and watch some television before falling asleep. Now that im in college and experienced love it's difficult for me to be alone. The sad thing is that the "love" I experienced came to an end. Now I feel lonely at nights, and I miss having someone to cuddle, someone to talk to. It's so weird how we need companions. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a loner in High School. Now im broken hearted and lonely.The Journey to find myself begins ...

Why are people fake?

I am a second year in college, and I decided to join a sorority my first year. I have about 7 months or so in the sorority , and I still feel I havent gotten that "sisterhood" I'v always wanted. These girls are so fake, they talk so much smack about each other it should be a crime. Sometimes I feel like I could trust them but then I hearing them talk about another sister it makes me feel as if their fake as well. I feel as if I'm surrounded by fake individuals. Where can I find a true friend? 

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